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Child Safety, Security & Mobile Device Restrictions

For Apple & Android Mobile Devices

Child safety and security is almost always left up to the parents for most devices and usually most feel quite uneasy performing this task. First one needs to understand what is available before starting. Most all devices have features available for parents to place controls. You will see listed below some options you can use to help you get started. As always aditional help is a phone call away.

- Android\Galaxy Tablets or Phones - Kids Place app on Google. Download for your android device.
- Apple Devices (Iphone & IPad)- Instructions for Ipad & Iphone

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Securing your computer

Many options are available depending on whether you are a home user looking for child security or a full-fledged office looking to curb visits to ESPN zone and more..

If you are a parent looking for parental controls it may not be necessary to go further than what your computer came with. Both Windows and Mac come standard with parental controls that you may set without additional cost. If you need something more robust due to a keen kid or easy employees you may want to purchase an app or look into free software already provided by the manufacturer of your operating system that you would need to install and configure.

- Microsoft Insructions - Windows 10 (Microsoft)
- Microsoft Insructions - Windows 10 (
- Apple Instructions - OSX Yosemite (Apple)
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Programs Download

If you are looking for something more out of the box you could try a number of free or paid apps on and off the internet. OpenDNS offers Family Shield at no cost for home\family users and a paid version for business offices. Kid Logger seems like a simple app that could help you as well.

- Download OpenDNS - Free for Family use
- Download Kid Logger - Free, open source parental controls software
- Download OpenDNS - Business plans available

Business Controls

If you own a business or call center, you know how much productivity can be lost due to internet surfing. Unfortunately there is no simply low cost solution to managing internet access in the work place. Before installing or using any apps like the ones mentioned here you should first lock down the in-office computers by restricting the ability to install applications, limit user access, issue restricted user accounts rather than admin accounts, place more restrictions using Group Policy manager or other Windows administrative features. Check to see what your router can do as well, you may have built in featurs to accomplish exactly what you need. Check with the manufacturer of your hardware for literature. Below are two options listed for simple per computer solution. If you want the entire network covered -CLICK HERE- or scroll down.

- Download OpenDNS - Business plans available
- Download webAllow - Does not allow for categories but does allow restrictions for individual sites

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Network Security & Monitoring

Securing the office computers could be a daunting task and would be made easier by securing the router or using hardware behind the network. This would alleviate the need to place software or restrictions on each individual computer. Listed below are a couple of firewalls one can download, install, configure and use. If you have a router within the office, check with the manufacturer literature to see if parental controls are available for your device.

- Download Untangle - Business plans available
- Download\purchase pfSense - Business plans available
- Download OpenDNS - Business plans available

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