Many questions come into play when using remote access services for home and business.

In general when allowing a user or computer technician remote access to your system you need to know who they are, what business they work for and where they are located. Verify what was told to you by the tech with information you can find online.  Look for reviews pertaining to the website or business you called or will be calling.
You can check for reviews using Yelp, Google Maps, Yahoo Local and many more online websites. If you can’t find reviews pertaining to the company then try looking for negative reviews.  You can also perform a search using the contact number you used to call the professional.

Be sure to use a company that is located in the United States.  This is important as companies that are not located within the United States are not subject to US laws and standards.  If a refund is needed or if damage was done it would be extremely difficult to get back what is yours or resolve the problem created.

Why use remote computer and network services?

Well if you own a business, is a college student, traveling professional, handicapped, work at home, looking to lower your IT expenditures or simply looking for an easier way to fix or speed up your computer.  Allowing a professional technician access to your system can be scary.  After vetting your tech by utilizing the internet for a proper search, a remote access repair tech may just be the best choice for you.

Cost – Remote or online computer repair generally costs less.  Why? In some cases the tech may be able to work on multiple machines at one time thus reducing the cost.  Travel fees are reduced and limited to either a connection fee, low hourly rate or a simple total flat rate.  Hourly rates are usually implemented for more intricate problem solving for server, business software such as Quick Books or Office apps.

Speed – Generally when calling a remote computer repair company, the time in which you are serviced is almost instant when compared to calling a tech to physically come to your location.  Problems are usually resolved within 1-3 hours & work usually starts at the time of your call.

The caller\customer will need to work with the tech as the computer may freeze, lose connection, stop responding or need help rebooting from the callers location. The caller will work with the tech to be sure he can accomplish his job.


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